New Zealand's most advanced range of Heat Pump and Solar Hot Water Systems designed exclusively for New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific

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advanced energy efficiency solutions for New Zealand conditions

The story of Enviroheat and Envirosun hot water is one of continuous improvement and innovation stretching back over twenty-five years. We have worked in the hot water industry nearly all our lives, we know what works, what lasts and what’s needed.  Yet while we’re not the biggest hot water heating company, we are dedicated to providing the absolute best the solar water heaters and heat pump hot water systems in not only performance but reliability

It’s that type of commitment that gives us the edge when offering the most advanced solar hot water systems.

To design, supply and support the most energy efficient and technologically robust hot water systems using the best ideas, components and materials from around the world, PROVIDE THE CONSUMER WITH PIECE OF MIND THAT AN INVESTMENT IS OUR PRODUCTS IS AND INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE, FINANCIALLY AND ENVIRONMENTALLY

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The Enviroheat heat pump hot water system  brand is an Australian owned company, the Enviroheat water heater is manufactured under license by Haier, the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, the owners and makers of other brands such as General Electric (GE) appliances , Fisher and Paykel, Candy, Casarte, Aqua and leader

The Enviroheat is such a heat pump hot water system of quality and reliability, we give you a 5 year full replacement warranty on any tank and mechanical failure within this period.
*As per Enviroheat warranty conditions
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Getting the best products together and along with life times of hands on knowledge in the hot water industry enabled us to evolve into a brand with hot water products that are unmatched in performance, reliability and energy efficiency

Enviroheat Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

The best possible heat pump hot water heating technology by a company that is Committed to a Sustainable low Carbon Future for New Zealand

Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems

solar hot water systems offering maximum efficiency and a cost-effective solution for most applications within new zealand

sOur manufacturing and procurement philosophy is simple and very effective — We scour the world for the Best Quality hot water heating components to provide our exceptional range of hot water system

Enviroheat Heat Pump and Envirosun solar hot water system information

Hot water heater brochure’s, Owner and Installation manuals
New Zealand Enviroheat brochure
Enviroheat New Zealand heat pump water heaters
Envirosun AS solar hot water systems New Zealand
Envirosun As Solar hot water systems New Zealand user manual
Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water systems New Zealand
Envirosun TS Solar hot water systems New Zealand
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